With Love for Louis

The outpouring of love for Louis and his loved ones is no surprise. He was for so many the embodiment of hug transmitted as love, passion,  fun, and joy. He gave everything to those in his presence and to his career of fighting HIV. He and Sheema have been the heart & soul of IAPA for 15 years and the home away from home for the dozens of SIPS who made the journey to Chennai to help IAPA ‘s mission to prevent the global spread of HIV the education and volunteerism. 

Louis is the unspoken continuation of that mission, and if we had to put it into words it would go something like this, to prevent the global spread of HIV the education and volunteerism with fever, love with your whole heart, jokes, and a smile on your face. 

Louis passed at the hand of one pandemic after a lifetime of fighting another. We want to cover the costs of any medical bills as well as the funeral. Any additional funds raised will go to ensure his family that survives him are comfortable. 

In addition, we invite you to share stories, pictures, videos, and jokes to honor this legend of a man so we can rejoice in the good times and celebrate his life.