IAPA Programs in the United States

The International Alliance for the Prevention of AIDS provides four programs in the United States which focus on HIV education: HIV Prevention Education Outreach Program, Summer Internship Program, University Service Learning Program, and Health First

HIV Prevention Education Outreach Program

The HIV Prevention Education Outreach Program is taught throughout the year in collaboration with local community organizations throughout Arizona. It is our hope is that through education the community can understand the reality of HIV/AIDS. Our instructors are both passionate about public health and dedicated to the cause of fighting the spread of HIV.

We teach the basic scientific facts of HIV biology, HIV transmission, and how transmission can be prevented. We also teach about the progression of an HIV infection in the body, and why the immune system is so important for human health. We use a scientific approach to teaching about HIV in order to dispel the myths and stigma surrounding the virus. For More Information click here

The program is available with an in person instructor or modules can be accessed online.

Summer Internship Program(SIP)

Student Interns apply and are selected to participate through an application and interview process during the fall semester. During the spring semester students receive instruction in the US during eight three-hour sessions facilitated by the IAPA SIP Coordinator. The Coordinator then travels to Chennai with the interns during June and July. The interns teach the IAPA fact based HIV/AIDS Prevention Education program to high school and university students and in village settings throughout the community. Students typically work with translators who are local university students in Chennai.

One of the goals of IAPA is to provide a rewarding and life changing experience for both the students who come from the United States as well as those who are from India. This is accomplished in several ways, including:

· Basic Tamil instruction to facilitate basic communication with those in Chennai, allowing for students to completely immerse themselves in South Indian culture.

· An orientation for the students from both the United States and India to prepare them for working together.

· Free time in the evenings and weekends to go out to experience local culture while exploring Chennai including its surrounding towns, beaches, and cultural sites.

· Select long weekends off from teaching to travel near and far and visit beautiful places all across India.

For more information on the SIP experience in India click here:

Summer Internship Program

Program Details

Program Fee and Dates

The volunteer fee for the summer 2020 is $3,500, which excludes the cost of airfare and Indian visa. With airfare and visa charges, the total cost per volunteer is expected to be approximately $5,500. The program fee covers:

  • Spring Program training sessions
  • Room for the entire duration of the Program
  • Two daily meals
  • A weekly stipend to cover transport costs
  • Weekly group dinners
  • Funding for volunteer extra projects

Deadline extended to December 6, 2019

Please click here to download the program application

ASU – University Service Learning Internship


About the Internship


Work with IAPA staff to build community relationships in order to deliver the HIV/AIDS Prevention Outreach Program.  IAPA is based in Mesa, Arizona and the primary programmatic focus since 2006 to provide prevention programs in Chennai, India. The Intern will take the existing program and customize it for delivery in the United States.

At least 60% of your time will be spent providing direct services. You will:

  • Assist with cultivating relationships throughout the community in order to deliver HIV/AIDS prevention in Maricopa County
  • Receive training on how to deliver the Prevention Outreach Program
  • Participate in meetings with community members
  • Participate in meetings with Board of Directors
  • Schedule HIV/AIDS prevention presentations
  • Present the HIV/AIDS prevention program to the target audience
  • Assist with the annual IAPA fundraising dinner – Hope in the Face of AIDS
  • Assist staff with preparing grant requests for the HIV/AIDS Prevention Outreach Program

Population Served:

You will work to develop relationships with organizations that are currently not being targeted in the Phoenix Metropolitan area by other AIDS Service organizations in order to conduct HIV/AIDS Prevention trainings.  This will include but is not limited to college campuses, domestic violence shelters, senior centers and communities, veterans organizations and homeless shelters.

Community Need:

According to the Center for Disease Control An estimated 1.2 million people in the United States are living with HIV, including 156,300 people who do not know they are infected. Each year, nearly 45,000 people are diagnosed with HIV, and 30% of new HIV infections are transmitted by people who are living with undiagnosed HIV. For those who are living with undiagnosed HIV, testing is the first step in maintaining a healthy life and reducing the spread of HIV.

Community Impact:

IAPA is serving the community with the HIV/AIDS Prevention Outreach Program to provide information to educate those in the community about the disease and prevent the spread of the infection. IAPA is part of the UNAIDS 90-90-90-0 initiative in Arizona. 90-90-90-0 by 2030 – 90% HIV tested, 90% on meds, 90% undetectable and Zero stigma.

Health First Project

Health First is a collaboration between UCLA and IAPA where medical residents spend a month in Chennai, India visiting and working with physicians and hospitals.

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