Mission / Vision


Prevent the global spread of HIV through education and volunteerism.

Creating a Sustainable Effort

IAPA strives to work with communities and local organizations to improve their capacities to provide services to HIV positive individuals and prevent new infections. Our education related programs are focused on training community members to recognize and prevent risk-related behaviors, reducing the stigma associated with the disease, and to encourage dissemination of the knowledge in
communities through local trainers.

To teach an updated, accurate, fact based HIV/AIDS Curriculum in schools, community groups, and other venues within our means.

To work with government agencies, non-profit agencies, non-government agencies, community based organizations, and private industry to promote HIV testing and counseling, HIV educational programs, and to offer support and advocacy for other relevant programs.

To provide a rewarding and enjoyable volunteer program for American as well as Indian students that encourages further involvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the development of IAPA’s mission.

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