Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS

The Project entitled “Mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS through Training/Capacity Building of Selected NGOs/CBOs working in developmental fields in Tamil Nadu”, is a pilot project of IAPA, being implemented in 2011. The goal of the project is to scale up HIV/AIDS awareness programs in Tamil Nadu, through mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in collaboration with stakeholders in the development fields. This project was conceived by IAPA, due to the paramount need for including HIV/AIDS in the activities of all the NGOs in Tamil Nadu. At present only particular NGOs are working in HIV/AIDS field and the government is intending to reduce HIV/AIDS activities, as the incidence of HIV has tapered down in Tamil Nadu, as per the surveys conducted by it. But we felt that there was no room for complacency, as the infection could rise up at anytime as happened in many countries, hence our aim to mainstream HIV/AIDS activities.

There are many grass root level NGOs, engaged in a plethora of activities like tribal development, rural women and youth empowerment, rural infrastructure development and so on, who have never received any training or capacity building in HIV/AIDS, but are working with big populations.

The mainstreaming project would be piloted in Chennai and another rural district, where 10 NGOs would be selected and 2 persons from each NGO will be trained in all aspects of HIV/ AIDS and how it could be mainstreamed in their own activities, in their own areas of projects. Thus in one year we envisage training 40 NGO personnel. A Training Need Assessment (TNA) would be conducted, followed by, Curriculum Development and then the actual training of the NGO personnel. During the training the NGO personnel concerned would be asked to develop an Action Plan as to how they would be mainstreaming HIV/AIDS in their activities. Follow up visits would be taken up by resource persons and IAPA India personnel. We had already selected 10 NGOs in Chennai and going ahead to conduct the TNA. The first training will take place in Chennai in December, as per the time line. We hope to replicate the project in other districts as well, when the pilot project is successfully implemented this year.


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